[SG] Fundraising for migrant workers’ causes through paintings and postcards

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Like most Singaporeans, Jane (@pangopup.paints) had to stay at home when circuit breaker was announced in April. As she would be spending a lot of time in her room, she decided to kill two birds with one stone by selling her paintings to clear up space and raise funds towards migrant workers’ causes. 

“I used to work with migrant workers, and they are some of the kindest, nicest and most hardworking people I know. I wanted to help them during this pandemic, but I cannot spare time to volunteer. So I thought of raising funds by selling paintings I did in my spare time. Sometimes cash donation is the most effective way to help,” said Jane, who paints and draws as a hobby.

Acrylic Painting “Blooming Hydrangeas” by Jane

When she saw the #choosetogive campaign on Carousell, she took part and gave away postcards to encourage people to write to their loved ones. “One buyer found out I was raising funds for migrant workers, and she paid $20 for the free postcard so I could donate that amount,” said Jane. The postcards turned out to be very popular, and Jane started selling them to raise funds as well.

“Another buyer had wanted to bargain for his large purchase of postcards, but rounded up the total sum when he found out all proceeds were donated,” shared Jane. She has since made three rounds of donations to Project Belanja that provides nutritious meals to these workers. She also shares the receipts with her buyers to let them know where their contributions are going. 

“It doesn’t matter if you are a student or working adult. If you are willing to do something, there is a way. Like I never knew these paintings and postcard materials could become something useful, and raise funds for migrant workers,” said Jane.

The past few months have been tough, but our Carousellers have inspired us by #MakingTheBest – from starting a side hustle to finding treasures – so can you! 🙌