[HK] Producing fabric masks to help the local community 人手製作布口罩,並肩共同抗疫

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Winnie 嘅 Carousell 網店 (@qqworkshop) 本來主要售賣手工布藝製品例如環保袋同埋帽。自從新冠肺炎喺一月開始爆發,香港嘅口罩需求急增,導致人心惶惶,全城嘅外科口罩幾乎被搶購一空。好多人每日去藥房同零售商店門口排隊買口罩,結果都空手而回。Winnie 為咗幫助社區一齊抗疫,決定製作布口罩,幫助一啲負擔唔起昂貴嘅外科口罩嘅人。

Winnie 喺 Carousell 接咗好多訂單,其中一單最令佢深刻嘅就係有位客人戴住佢製作嘅布口罩去醫院探望患有癌症、長期住院嘅媽媽。客人話比Winnie知,佢媽媽見到色彩繽紛嘅布口罩後十分開心,讚口不絕,係咁話好靚!最後嗰位客人仲向 Winnie 加單,訂多 10 咗個布口罩。Winnie 認為呢個係佢聽過最感動嘅讚美,好開心可以出一分力幫到其他人。

English translation

Winnie started her online business (@qqworkshop) on Carousell by selling handmade fabric products such as recycled bags and hats.

When the first outbreak of COVID-19 struck Hong Kong in January, demand for surgical masks surged as fears over the disease grew. Residents emptied the shelves of retail chains and pharmacies, leading to a mask shortage. Thousands of people queued daily outside shops for facial coverings, but many of them left empty-handed. To help the local community, Winnie decided to produce reusable fabric masks to support those who found single-use surgical masks unaffordable. She started receiving many orders on Carousell.

Winnie recalled one of her customers who ordered a colorful mask. The lady wore the handmade fabric mask when visiting her mother in the hospital. Her mother, who had been suffering from cancer for a long time, loved the mask so much and praised it. “The lady thanked me for cheering her mother up and ordered 10 more masks from me! It’s the nicest compliment I’ve ever had. I feel really grateful for helping others”, said Winnie.

過去幾個月,我哋大家都經歷咗好多事,但我哋每個 Carouseller 都努力好好過生活 – 由研發新技能,以至搵到好物。#MakingTheBest,你都一樣做得到!🙌