[SG] Answering a midnight text to help a fellow Carouseller with an infected knee wound

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It was past midnight on Monday, 25 May, when Tangy (@canvasandrye) received a message on Carousell, enquiring about some medical supplies she had listed for sale. The buyer had asked if she could deliver the items. She mentioned she was in a minor bike accident, and her knee wound was infected and she was limping.

“I was awake, and offered to send to her when it was daylight as she wasn’t too far away from my place, but I think she needed it asap”, said Tangy. She arranged for an on-demand delivery service and the buyer got the items around 1.20am.   

Some of the medical supplies listed by Tangy

A Carouseller of six years, Tangy started selling extra medical supplies on the platform after her mother passed away in 2019 due to renal failure. “We had a lot of leftover medical supplies, because we were taking care of her at home. We decided to let them go for mostly 50% off, because we know how difficult and tight financially one can be when taking care of a terminally-ill patient at home,” shared Tangy. “It’s crazy how expensive these products are, especially buying in bulk and it quickly depletes because of the high usage.”

Besides helping others save financial costs, her listings were a timely alternative. “We’ve had several messages saying pharmacies were sold out of the items they needed during COVID-19, and they were glad to find it on Carousell,” she said.

Tangy usually lists her pre-loved items on Carousell, especially clothes. “It’s a great platform for getting rid of things I don’t use anymore! I’ve also joked to my friends about wanting to put my 120+ five-star reviews on my future job resumes,” said Tangy.