[MY] Carrying on her late mother’s love for baking

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“Everyone loves cakes, so do I,” shares Fiza (@fizah7661) on what kick-started her new hobby in baking. Fiza started baking more frequently during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period in Malaysia, and became a part-time baker. “When MCO started, I told myself that I needed to start something while we had to work from home. So I started selling my baked goods in small amounts, and got more orders,” said Fiza, who works full time as a Project Secretary. 

Fiza notes that she is still new in the journey. “I still consider myself as a junior baker and I might need culinary education to be a full-fledged baker. But I thought to myself not to give up and keep improving,” said Fiza. “I just tried to test the waters by selling on Carousell, as I saw lots of cookies being advertised there. It is something new to me, but I will keep going and try to sell more.” 

Fiza uses the recipes from her late mother and premium ingredients to bake her tarts and cookies. “I am thankful to my late mother as she was a baker and ran a home-based cooking business when I was small. Her parents couldn’t afford to send her to school, so my mother couldn’t read or write. I became her assistant by helping to write down her recipes,” said Fiza, who also shares some of these recipes on her website

Her mother taught her to persevere in life. Fiza shared, “Don’t give up and keep moving forward, and you will find better success for your future. Life and success isn’t only about money. I’m grateful to live a simple life, and having three meals a day on the table for my family is more than enough for me.” 

The past few months have been tough, but our Carousellers have inspired us by #MakingTheBest – from starting a side hustle to finding treasures – so can you! 🙌