Carousell puts denim in the spotlight at the Hong Kong Denim Festival, redefining the secondhand shopping experience

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The brand’s sustainable approach to secondhand clothing takes centre stage, inspiring a circular fashion movement

Hong Kong, 3 November 2023 – Carousell, the leading recommerce marketplace, is redefining the way people shop for secondhand fashion, with a special spotlight on denim. Carousell’s latest data reveals a 30% y-o-y increase in the number of users searching for clothing items. This underlies the growing popularity of secondhand fashion for all users and the evolving consumer mindset toward sustainability. As this trend continues to gain momentum, Carousell is leading the charge by offering a platform that champions the merits of adopting pre-loved fashion, addressing the surging demand for greener, more affordable style options. 

Carousell spotlights timeless fashion and joins the Hong Kong Denim Festival 

Denim, celebrated for its timeless charm and nostalgia, holds a special place in the hearts of fashion aficionados. As secondhand fashion gains popularity, denim remains at the forefront of the trend. Carousell’s own data underscores the prominence of renowned denim brand Levi’s, which ranked 22nd in the overall search keywords for fashion. 

In observance of the upcoming trend, Carousell is proud to announce its participation in the Hong Kong Denim Festival. This event is a celebration of all things denim, bringing together industry players, from retailers and mills to laundries, jeans makers, artists, and students; and a platform for the public to explore the concept of upcycling in the fashion industry. It aims to foster discussion and invite denim lovers to share thoughts, experience, and innovation. This year’s theme, ‘Design Frontiers – Fostering Global Denim Cultural Exchange and Collaboration,’ sets the stage for Carousell’s two pop-up events in November at Central Market and Downtown Denim in Sham Shui Po. 

From 3-5 November, Carousell will transform the Central Market exhibition area into a nostalgic fabric store, creating an immersive experience that transports visitors back to Sham Shui Po Fabric Market. Customers are encouraged to explore the space as if they were selecting their perfect fabric from the fabric stall, rather than a mainstream shop. They can browse actual denim listings displayed on product cards and make purchases as desired.  Additionally, this experience provides a great opportunity for locals to discover the eco-friendliness of purchasing secondhand denim items.

Another captivating denim installation will also be set up in Sham Shui Po – a district known for its rich textile culture and historical significance in Hong Kong. Over the years, this neighbourhood has emerged as one of the trendiest areas for fashion lovers to visit, attracting international designers like Versace and Calvin Klein. To inspire Hong Kongers to think bigger about how to give unused jeans new life, two fully-functional chairs have been upcycled from pallets and unused jeans  in non-resellable condition. The display will contain similar sustainability information and curated denim listings as the Central Market exhibition. 

Fashion enthusiasts join the cause to craft a sustainable fashion future 

Throughout the event, eight influencers, stylists, and celebrities will donate pre-loved denim items for charity sales. To encourage participation from the general public, all donated items will be sold via bidding. The highest bidder will get the item, while  all proceeds from the sales will be donated to EcoDrive Hong Kong. The campaign will continue until November 30th. This collaboration not only supports charitable causes, but also encourages the public to embrace circular fashion and contribute to a more sustainable future.
Carousell remains dedicated to revolutionising the fashion shopping-and-selling experience. By promoting secondhand clothing, especially denim, they empower individuals to make sustainable choices and have a positive environmental impact. Join Carousell at the Hong Kong Denim Festival 2023, where they will celebrate the allure of denim and the transformative power of sustainable fashion. For further details about Carousell’s initiative, please visit

About Carousell

Carousell is part of Carousell Group, the leading multi-category platform for secondhand in Greater Southeast Asia on a mission to make secondhand the first choice. Founded in August 2012 in Singapore, the Group has a leading presence in seven markets under the brands Carousell, Carousell Media Group, Cho Tot, Laku6,, OneShift, REFASH and Revo Financial, serving tens of millions of monthly active users.  Carousell is backed by leading investors including Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Naver, STIC Investments, 500 Global and Peak XV Partners (formerly known as Sequoia Capital India). In Hong Kong, Carousell has a diverse range of products in over 30 categories, including property, autos, electronics, home and furniture, and fashion. Download the app for iOS or Android, and visit for more information.

Carousell於香港牛仔節上聚焦牛仔文化   重新定義二手購物體驗

致力推廣二手服裝可持續發展 促進永續時尚循環

香港,2023 年 11 月 3 日 - 領先多品類買賣平台 Carousell 正重新定義用戶購買二手時裝的方式,尤其以牛仔單品最受關注。 Carousell 最新數據顯示,搜尋服裝用戶量按年增加 30%,顯示二手服裝在用戶間的受歡迎程度,以至對可持續發展的追求正與日俱增。隨著趨勢持續發展,Carousell致力滿足廣大用戶對綠色時尚日益增長的需求,推廣可持續時裝的優勝之處。

Carousell參與香港牛仔節   聚焦經典時尚牛仔單品

以從不過時的經典魅力而聞名,牛仔布在時裝愛好者心中永遠佔一席位。隨著二手時裝興起,牛仔布單品依然位處於潮流尖端。Carousell 數據亦顯示,著名牛仔服飾品牌 Levi’s 於平台時尚搜尋關鍵字中排名第22 位,突顯此時尚單品的過人地位。


於11 月 3 至 5 日期間,Carousell 把中環街市展覽區變身為懷舊布匹店,為訪客營造彷如置身深水埗布藝市場的體驗。大家可以盡情探索這個空間,親身感受不同質料的牛仔布,按照布料卡所上顯示的牛仔單品,即時瀏覽心頭好,現場的體驗更為訪客提供機會了解購買二手服裝的環保之處。       

除此之外,Carousell 亦會於牛仔節期間於深水埗放置一個以牛仔布設計的藝術裝置。多年來,深水埗區以豐富的紡織文化和歷史意義而聞名,成為時裝設計愛好者必到的創意集中地,亦吸引如 Versace 和 Calvin Klein 等國際知名設計師到訪,一探其迷人之處。為激發本地群眾更深入思考該如何賦予牛仔單品新生的機會,是次創作利用牛仔褲和不能回收的搬運卡板升級再造,製成兩張牛仔藝術椅,實現廢物利用。同場裝置藝術亦會延續中環街市展覽的可持續發展資訊,更會將精選牛仔單品清單囊括其中。   

雲集時尚先鋒   共創永續未來

Carousell的限定活動總共邀請了八位網絡紅人、造型設計師及名人,分別捐贈一些二手牛仔單品用於慈善義賣。為鼓勵公眾參與,所有捐贈物品將以拍賣方式出售,出價最高者將獲得該物品,所有收得捐款將撥捐至 EcoDrive Hong Kong,拍賣活動將持續至 11 月 30 日。今次合作旨在支持與永續時裝有關的慈善機構,亦希望鼓勵大眾擁抱循環時尚,為綠色未來作出貢獻。

Carousell 一直銳意改變時尚購物及買賣體驗。透過推廣牛仔單品等二手服裝,讓用戶作出永續的選擇,並對環境創造正面影響。與 Carousell 一起投入香港牛仔節2023,感受牛仔文化的魅力和永續時尚的改變力量。有關Carousell於二手時裝的倡議及更多有關牛仔節詳細資料,請瀏覽:


Carousell旋轉拍賣是東南亞、台灣及香港領先多品類買賣集團Carousell Group旋轉拍賣集團的一部分。集團的使命是鼓勵全球使二手商品成為購物優先選擇。該集團於2012年8月在新加坡成立,以Carousell 旋轉拍賣、Carousell Media Group、Cho Tot、Laku6、、OneShift、REFASH和Revo Financial,品牌在七大市場中處於領先地位, 每月為數千萬活躍用戶提供服務。Carousell獲得了主要投資者的支持,包括Telenor Group、Rakuten Ventures、Naver、STIC Investments、500 Global和Peak XV Partners (前稱為 Sequoia Capital India)。在香港,Carousell旋轉拍賣商品分類多元化,共有超過30種分類包括樓盤、汽車、電子產品、流行時尚及傢俬及家品等。免費下載 iOS 或 Android 版本及瀏覽網頁 獲取更多資料。