Door-to-door delivery now available: Carousell teams up with smart logistics firm Zeek to launch a quick shipping option in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, 7 July 2022 — Carousell, the leading classifieds group in Greater Southeast Asia, has officially announced its partnership with Zeek, the on-demand logistics technology platform, to launch a brand-new delivery option that provides a comprehensive and integrated shopping journey for Carousell users in Hong Kong. This new, quick-commerce delivery feature will cover a wide range of product categories and is available for both new and second-hand items.

Earlier this year, Carousell conducted a merchant survey to better understand the challenges faced by its user base. The survey revealed that the top 3 concerns of local merchants were logistics solutions (62%), preceded by uncertainty on adapting to restrictions (67%) and business survival (64%). This partnership with Zeek provides a comprehensive delivery option for merchants and casual sellers across various categories – from computers and technology to beauty and personal care, mobile phones to video games, home appliances to health and nutrition, and pet supplies to auto accessories – with a more convenient shipping method that empowers them to succeed.  

The new delivery option is now available on both app and website. Carousell users will see additional ‘Mailing and Delivery’ options when listing an item to sell, as well as on listings in selected categories, that integrate Zeek’s services enabling both buyers and sellers to easily select the option to use Zeek’s delivery service. 

Exclusive offers to support business and casual selling users 

Zeek provides various delivery options for Carousell users that are fitting for different product categories and scenarios. Zeek2Door provides economic same-day/next-day delivery services to customer’s doorstep or e-lockers. An even quicker option ZeekDash provides point-to-point delivery in 2/4-hour for more time sensitive products and scenarios.  

The collaboration with Zeek will streamline the entire buy-sell process for Carousell users and remove hassles on logistics. Carousell users who sign up for a Zeek account can enjoy a HK$30 discount upon ordering HK$100-worth of 2-to-4-hour delivery services, which can be used for both delivering items to buyers or picking up items from sellers. Additionally, Carousell sellers, especially those who own small businesses, can accelerate their business growth with quick commerce via exclusive rates for same-day/next-day delivery services, starting from HK$27/5kg with no minimum order required, in the first month with no extra handling fee.  

Second-hand shopping made easy

Carousell’s vision is to inspire others to make secondhand as their first choice, and has been focused on solving barriers of convenience and trust in selling and buying secondhand.  By making it more convenient to shop on marketplaces, this partnership with Zeek will hopefully encourage more new and existing customers alike to choose secondhand.  

“At Carousell, we are conscious of our users’ needs and have continually strived to build an ecosystem of support with like-minded partners that enables our users, especially small businesses, to succeed. By launching this collaboration with Zeek, we’re not only making the buy-sell experience more convenient and reliable but also taking another step forward to solve the barriers of second-hand transactions and inspire consumers to choose second-hand as their first choice,” says Kevin Huang, Managing Director of Carousell Hong Kong.

Eric Kong, Group Strategic Project Director and Head of Quick Commerce (Hong Kong) of Zeek, shares Mr Huang’s enthusiasm for their new partnership. “We are delighted to be collaborating with Carousell,” says Mr Kong. “Carousell is a brand that shares sustainable values and hopes for more eco-friendly consumer behaviour which is the same as Zeek’s values. We believe that our comprehensive delivery options can help a wide group of Carousell business merchants and individual users to accelerate deal closure and market catchment. The collaboration will not only bring a new model to the secondhand ecosystem, but also reduce the environmental impact and create a sustainable lifestyle together.”    
Carousell remains committed to curating tailored solutions for their business and casual users to succeed. For more information on the partnership with Zeek and exclusive offers, please visit:  

About Carousell

Carousell is the leading classifieds group in Greater Southeast Asia on a mission to inspire the world to start selling, and to make second-hand the first choice. Founded in August 2012 in Singapore, the group has a leading presence in eight markets under the brands Carousell,, Cho Tot, OneKyat, Ox Street and Refash, serving tens of millions of monthly active users. Carousell is backed by leading investors, including Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Naver, STIC Investments and Sequoia Capital India. In Hong Kong, Carousell has a diverse range of products in over 30 categories, including property, autos, electronics, home and furniture, and fashion. Download the app for iOS or Android, and visit for more information.

About Zeek

Zeek is a Southeast Asian intelligent logistics technology corporation established in Hong Kong in 2017. Developing from a solid operational foundation, the corporation leverages logistics technologies and big data analytics to provide a range of logistics services covering quick commerce freight, takeaway and grocery goods for individual, corporate and e-commerce clients, satisfying different timeliness and logistics needs. Zeek also offers SaaS solutions tailored to corporates’ business needs to empower seamless digital transformation.

Zeek’s business coverage reaches beyond Hong Kong to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Operating with a delivery team of over 30,000 fleet members*, Zeek serves more than 2,000 global companies^, including international food and beverage brands, super departmental stores, chain convenience stores and e-commerce platforms.In 2022, Zeek will set foot in the Philippines, Indonesia and Taiwan to help Southeast Asian companies in the quick commerce era.

* ^ As of 31 Dec 2021

Carousell 與智能物流平台Zeek首次合作 於香港推出門對門配送貨服務

全新合作將有效解決物流問題 讓可持續消費變得更輕鬆方便

香港,2022 年 7 月 7 日 — 大東南亞區領先分類買賣平台 Carousell 正式宣布與東南亞智能物流平台 Zeek 合作,推出全新配送服務,為本地Carousell用戶提供更全面的買賣體驗。 是次全新配送服務適用於廣泛的產品類別,包括全新及二手商品。

Carousell年初進行了一項調查,旨在了解本地商戶所面對的挑戰。調查發現,本地商戶面對的三大挑戰是物流問題(62%)、業務無法繼續經營(64%)和無法適應社交距離措施(67%)。 因此,Carousell透過與 Zeek 合作,為本地個人用戶及商戶提供更全面的配送服務。是次服務適用於廣泛的產品類別,包括:電腦及科技、美容及化妝品、手提電話及電子遊戲、家庭電器、健康及營養食用品、寵物用品及汽車配件,務求提供便利的物流服務,使買賣雙方達致共嬴。

用戶現可於Carousell手機應用程式和網站上使用最新推出的配送服務。Carousell用戶在出售或購買指定產品類別時,便會在選項中看到「派送服務」這項新選擇,讓買家和賣家皆可輕鬆享用 Zeek 的配送服務。


Zeek 為 Carousell 用戶提供適合不同產品類別的多元化配送服務,用戶可透過「Zeek2Door斑馬到家」選擇即日/翌日配送服務,輕鬆把貨品送到門前或智能櫃。同時,用戶亦可選擇更快捷的 「ZeekDash斑馬快送」,享受兩小時或四小時點對點特快配送服務。

是次與 Zeek 的合作將為 Carousell 用戶簡化整個買賣流程,並解決物流問題。Carousell用戶現凡於Zeek註冊成為賬戶,並選擇兩小時或四小時特快配送服務(價值港幣100元或以上),即可享港幣30元優惠,可於送貨或取貨時使用。此外,Carousell賣家可透過方便快捷的物流服務,加速業務增長,特別是中小企商戶,現成功登記成為Zeek 客戶,可享即日/翌日配送獨家優惠,寄送五公斤貨品只需港幣27元,不設最低配送單量,首月更可免除額外附加費。


Carousell 致力啟發消費者把二手商品視為購物首選,並積極令二手交易變得更方便可靠。 透過與 Zeek 合作,Carousell希望帶來更方便的購物體驗,亦希望鼓勵更多新舊客戶選擇二手商品。


Zeek集團策略項目總監及香港區快電商業務負責人江卓昕先生表示:「我們很高興這次能與 Carousell 合作,Carousell 與 Zeek 擁有相同理念,同樣重視可持續生活,希望鼓勵更多消費者加入可持續生活行列。我們相信透過Zeek提供的全面配送服務,可幫助Carousell 商戶及個人用戶突破地區限制,擴大目標顧客群,加快配對並完成交易。是次合作不單為二手買賣帶來新模式,同時可以鼓勵更多市民和商戶注重可持續生活,為大家構建更美好的未來。」

Carousell 一直致力為商戶及個人用戶提供彈性買賣方案,以更輕鬆經營業務。如欲了解計劃詳情及獨家優惠,請瀏覽:

有關 Carousell 旋轉拍賣

Carousell 旋轉拍賣是大東南亞區領先的分類買賣平台,使命是鼓勵全球開始銷售,使二手產品成為首選。2012 年 8 月在新加坡推出,Carousell 旋轉拍賣已拓展至東南亞、台灣及香港的 8 個市場,每月為數千萬活躍用戶提供服務。Carousell 獲得了主要投資者的支持,包括 Telenor Group、Rakuten Ventures、Naver、STIC Investments 和 Sequoia Capital India。在香港,Carousell 旋轉拍賣商品分類多元化,共有超過 30 種分類包括樓盤、汽車、電子產品、流行時尚及傢俬及家品等。免費下載 iOS 或 Android 版本,及瀏覽 獲取更多資料。

關於 Zeek

東南亞智能物流科創Zeek 自2017年於香港開展業務,結合物流技術、大數據與營運基礎,為個人、企業及電商,提供快電商貨運、外賣及生活百貨配送,滿足不同時效的物流需求。此外,為配合市場需要,更提供一站式SaaS 解決方案ZeekSolutions,助 企業無痛無縫數碼轉型。

Zeek業務已遍及香港、新加坡、泰國、越南及馬來西亞,擁有超過30,000名*配送員,服務超過2,000個^大型品牌,主要來自國際餐飲品牌、大型商超百貨、連鎖便利店、 以及線上平台等。2022年Zeek將落戶台灣、菲律賓及印尼,協助全東南亞商家加快步伐進入快電商世代。

* ^ 截至2021年12月31日