Carousell Hong Kong partners with GOGOX and Atome to build ecosystem for small local businesses to flourish

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Hong Kong, 14 December 2021 Carousell, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing classifieds marketplaces, today announced new partnerships with GOGOX, the pioneer app-based logistics platform in Asia, and Atome, Asia’s leading buy now pay later brand to help small local businesses via Carousell for Business (CarouBiz). Combining Carousell’s reach of 1 in 5 Hong Kongers as active users with ready buyer intent, and the established expertise of partners, Carousell aims to build an ecosystem that enables small local businesses to succeed.

Many small businesses continue to face  high cost challenges, such as rent, cash flow, resource management and data security, even before the pandemic. These challenges are even more severe currently. Although the Hong Kong Government has been actively encouraging digitalisation and ecommerce, small businesses still struggle to adapt to new technology and business models compared to large-scale enterprises. 

Growing demand for more support

The Trade and Industry Department estimates about 340,000 SMEs in Hong Kong, of which 13% are in retail. There is increasing impetus to go online, as online retail sales grow in Hong Kong. While online sales only accounted for 8% of total retail sales in October, when comparing the first ten months of 2021 with the same period in 2020, Censtatd estimated that the value of online retail sales increased by 41.7%.

Unlike large corporations who can hire the necessary talent, smaller merchants need easy-to-use, affordable tools and “plug-and-play” services that allow them to scale at low cost and without a lot of training. Demand for CarouBiz subscriptions of premium seller tools have increased sharply in Hong Kong in 2021 compared to last year. In Q4 2021, Carousell also rolled out a self-serve version of CarouBiz for tech-savvier merchants who do not require a dedicated Client Success Manager to advise on marketing strategies. 

“Carousell has been enhancing our CarouBiz offerings this year to further strengthen support for small businesses. We have seen double digit percentage growth in our CarouBiz subscribers this year, which shows growing demand for such tools. As a one-stop platform where users can find anything they want at any time of the day, Carousell is privileged to be able to use our platform to help SMEs find ecommerce success. Besides initiatives such as the CarouBiz Booster Fund, we are also building an ecosystem of partners that address the pain points of our users and meet the needs of merchants while ensuring win-win for all,” said Mr Kevin Huang, Managing Director, Carousell Hong Kong.

Embracing e-commerce  with GOGOX

As online shopping takes off, merchants have to adapt to additional workflows such as logistics and express delivery. Smaller merchants do not have the economies of scale to run their own logistical operations in a cost and time efficient manner.  Meanwhile, casual sellers prefer not to meet up buyers due to public health safety concerns, and are in search of a reliable and flexible delivery method. Since September 2021, Carousell has partnered with GOGOX to provide diversified logistics services to casual sellers via GOGOX’s platform services, GOGOVan and GOGODelivery, in addition to offering targeted logistics solutions to merchants through GOGOX’s GOGOBusiness service, hoping to enable consumers and merchants to enjoy contract free and convenient logistics services.

Reeve Kwan, Co-founder of GOGOX said, “As a leading logistics platform in Hong Kong, GOGOX transforms the industry with advanced technology, redefining everyday delivery and user experience. We connect with driver-partners to provide agile and efficient logistics solutions to the community, in particular merchants. The partnership with Carousell is strategically important to facilitate the development of e-commerce. Throughout the partnership, we are committed to supporting SMEs as they embark on the digital transformation journey. We look forward to working closely with Carousell, driving the process of digitalisation and equip merchants with logistics capacity in the digital economy.”

“The growth of ecommerce in Hong Kong in the past two years have shown Hong Kongers the convenience it brings. There is no need to leave work or home to shop, and this is made possible by a robust logistics system. GOGOX has many affordable delivery options tailored to different needs, whether you are an individual selling preloved items or a small merchant. This aligns well with the variety of users on our platform, and allows us to provide value-added services,” said Mr Huang.

Supporting business growth with Atome

While banks have been simplifying or relaxing SME lending to help small business, many businesses in the ecommerce and retail sector find it challenging to meet the required documentation. The partnership between Carousell and Atome will enable seamless buy now pay later (BNPL) acceptance for Carousell’s merchants, especially for businesses who are starting out, providing a flexible and transparent payment option for Carousell’s merchants.

Since the end of November 2021, interested merchants can also sign up for an exclusive Carousell x Atome CarouBiz plan, which includes HK$110,000 worth of in-app advertising and other business support. With Atome, merchants can split their bills into three, zero-interest deferred payments upon checkout via credit card, debit card or Apple Pay. This reduces the time and paperwork needed in applications, especially for smaller sums, and provides more flexibility for merchants to manage their cash flow.

“We are excited to integrate Atome as a buy now pay later flexible payment option on Carousell for CarouBiz. This payment option will provide SMEs and new businesses in Hong Kong with a secure, seamless and flexible way to grow their business while managing their cash flow. The introduction of the Carousell x Atome revolving store plan will also provide these merchants with other crucial marketing and business support. We are glad to play our part in helping merchants scale their business and contribute to the Hong Kong economy. Shoppers can also look forward to our upcoming recommerce partnership with Carousell in Singapore,” said Jonathan Cai, Head of Regional Partnerships, Atome.  

“Our merchants have been sharing feedback about challenges faced with running their businesses, and the team has been reviewing how we can better support them. This partnership will enable us to extend more flexible and affordable payment options for our merchants. By partnering with a leading and established brand like Atome, our merchants can rest assured with the guarantee of a reliable and trusted payment service,” said Mr Huang.


About Carousell

Carousell is the leading classifieds group in Greater Southeast Asia on a mission to inspire the world to start selling, and to make secondhand the first choice. Founded in August 2012 in Singapore, the group has a leading presence in eight markets under the brands Carousell,, Cho Tot, OneKyat and Ox Street, serving tens of millions of monthly active users. Carousell is backed by leading investors, including Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Naver, STIC Investments and Sequoia Capital India. In Hong Kong, Carousell has a diverse range of products in over 30 categories, including property, autos, electronics, home and furniture, and fashion. Download the app for iOS or Android, and visit for more information.


Established in 2013, GOGOX is one of the first mobile app-based logistics platforms in Asia committed to providing extensive logistics services through innovative technology. Formerly known as GOGOVAN, the company has a competitive and diverse business portfolio, from van-hailing and instant delivery to customised logistics solutions. GOGOX instantly connects individuals and businesses with millions of logistics partners to fulfill all sorts of delivery needs, redefining the delivery experience by providing speedy, agile and convenient logistics services.

Over the years, GOGOX has expanded its businesses from Hong Kong to Singapore, mainland China, South Korea, India and Vietnam. Following a merger with 58 Suyun in August 2017, GOGOX has increased its presence to over 340 cities, with 4.5 million registered drivers under its network.

About Atome

Atome is a leading buy now pay later platform in Asia, partnering online and offline retailers to increase conversions and grow average orders and customer segments. It currently partners over 5,000 online and offline retailers in nine markets (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and mainland China). Key merchant partners include Sephora, Agoda, ZALORA, SHEIN, Zara, Marks & Spencer, Charles & Keith, Aldo and Pandora. For consumers, Atome offers choice, convenience and flexibility in how they choose to shop and pay. Atome is part of Advance Intelligence Group, one of the largest independent technology startups based in Singapore. Founded in 2016, the Group has presence across South and Southeast Asia, Latin America and Greater China. The Group is backed by top tier investors SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Warburg Pincus, Northstar, Vision Plus Capital, Gaorong Capital, Pavilion Capital, GSR Ventures and  EDBI.

Carousell 香港與 GOGOX 和 Atome 合作建立生態系統,促進本地小企業的蓬勃發展

商家可透過 GOGOX 的多元化服務解決營商的物流困難,

亦可靈活地使用 Atome延期付款\,以更好的現金管理來開展業務

香港, 2021 年 12 月 14 日 – 世界上最大和發展最快的分類廣告市場之一 Carousell 今日宣布與亞洲領先的物流平台應用程式 GOOGOX,和亞洲領先的先享後付品牌 Atome 建立新的合作夥伴關係,透過旋轉拍賣商務版(CarouBiz) 來協助本地小企業。Carousell 結合了全香港將近五分之一潛在的活躍買家用戶和合作夥伴的成熟專業知識,Carousell 旨在建立一個使本地小企業能夠取得成功的生態系統。



工業貿易署估計香港約有 340,000 家中小企業,其中 13% 為零售商。隨著香港網上零售額的增長,網上銷售的動力越來越大。雖然 10 月份網上零售額僅佔零售總銷貨價值的 8%,但若將 2021 年首十個月與 2020 年同期相比,香港政府統計處估計網上銷售價值實際增長了 41.7%。

與隨時可以僱用必要人才的大公司不同,小商戶更依賴易於使用、價格合理的工具和「隨插即用」服務,使他們能以較低成本及無需投放大量培訓資源的方式來擴展業務。與去年相比,2021 年香港商家對 CarouBiz 優質賣家工具的訂閱需求大幅增加。Carousell 在 2021 年第四季度還推出了自助服務版本的 CarouBiz,為無需專門的客戶成功經理就營銷策略提供建議的資深商家使用。

「Carousell 今年一直在增強我們的 CarouBiz 產品,進一步加強支援小企業。今年我們 CarouBiz 的用戶數目錄得兩位數增長,顯示大家對此類工具的需求不斷上升。作為一站式平台,用戶可以在每日的任何時間找到他們想要的任何東西,Carousell很榮幸能夠利用我們的平台幫助中小企業在電子商務上取得成功。除了推出資助計劃「CarouBiz力撐你間鋪」等措施, 我們亦建立了一個合作夥伴生態系統,解決用戶的痛點,滿足商家的需求,確保各方共贏。」Carousell 香港董事總經理黃俊仁先生說。

與 GOGOX 一同擁抱電子商務

隨著網上購物的興起,商戶需要應付額外的工作流程,例如處理物流和快遞。規模較小的商戶缺乏資源設計符合時間和成本效益的物流方案,而日常賣家基於疫情考慮亦減少與買家見面交易,對於可靠且彈性的送貨方式需求有所上升。自 2021 年 9 月起,Carousell夥拍GOGOX緩解消費者和商戶面對的物流難題,為日常賣家提供GOGOVan和GOGODelivery的平台服務及針對中小企業需要打造的GOGOBusiness,務求以多元化的物流組合及獨家優惠讓一眾商戶享用無合約便利的物流服務。

GOGOX聯合創辦人關俊文表示:「作為香港領先的物流平台,GOGOX 以先進科技推動行業發展,重新定義日常配送和用戶體驗。我們與司機夥伴建立緊密聯繫,為社會尤其是商戶提供更靈活高效的物流解決方案。與 Carousell 合作對於促進電子商務發展具有重要的戰略意義。我們將會透過是次合作致力協助中小企業實踐數碼轉型,亦期待與 Carousell 更密切的合作可推動數碼化的步伐,確保商戶配備於數碼化經濟下所需的物流能力。」

「過去兩年香港電子商務的發展,讓香港人看到了電商帶給香港人的便利。強大的物流系統使人不用放下手上的工作或安坐家中即可購物。GOGOX 有許多針對不同需求的經濟實惠送貨方案,無論是個人銷售二手商品還是小商家均可適用。這些方案非常吻合我們平台上的各種用戶類型,容許我們提供增值服務。」黃先生說。

與 Atome 一同支援業務增長

雖然銀行一直簡化或放寬中小企業貸款來協助小企業,但許多電子商務和零售業的行家發現,很難滿足到申請所需的文件需求。Carousell 和 Atome 之間的合作夥伴關係將使 Carousell 的商家尤其是剛起步的企業,能夠無縫地接受先享後付 (BNPL),為 Carousell 的商家提供靈活透明的付款選項。

自 2021 年 11 月下旬起,有興趣的商家也可以報名參加 Carousell x Atome CarouBiz 獨家計劃,其中包含價值 110,000 港元的平台廣告宣傳和其他業務支援。商家使用可以藉著 Atome 在結賬時透過信用卡、扣賬卡或 Apple Pay 將賬單分成三份零息分期付款。特別是小額付款來說,減少了申請所需的時間和文書工作,讓商家更靈活地管理現金流。

「我們很高興透過 CarouBiz 將 Atome 整合為一種先享後付靈活付款方式。透過此次合作,我們希望為香港的中小企業和新創企業提供安全、無縫且靈活的付款方式,在管理現金流同時發展業務。Carousell x Atome 限定旋轉商店計劃的推出,亦將為商家提供其他重要的營銷和業務支援。我們很高興在協助商家擴大業務時發揮作用,為香港經濟作出貢獻。消費者還可以密切留意期待我們即將與Carousell新加坡就再買賣交易提供的合作計劃。」Atome 亞太區跨境業務發展主管蔡德焱說。

「我們的商家一直在分享有關經營業務時面臨的挑戰,Carousell團隊一直在審視怎樣才能更好地支援他們。這種合作夥伴關係使得我們能為商家提供更靈活、更實惠的付款方式。透過與 Atome 這樣的領先而知名的品牌合作,我們的商家可以放心獲得可靠而值得信賴的付款服務。」黃先生說。



Carousell 旋轉拍賣是大東南亞區領先的分類買賣平台,使命是鼓勵全球開始銷售,使二手產品成為首選。2012 年 8 月在新加坡推出,Carousell 旋轉拍賣已拓展至東南亞、台灣及香港的8個市場, 每月為數千萬活躍用戶提供服務。Carousell獲得了主要投資者的支持,包括Telenor Group、Rakuten Ventures、Naver、STIC Investments和Sequoia Capital India。在香港,Carousell旋轉拍賣商品分類多元化,共有超過30種分類包括樓盤、汽車、電子產品、流行時尚及傢俬及家品等。免費下載 iOS 或 Android 版本,及瀏覽網頁 獲取更多資料。




關於AtomeAtome是亞洲領先的先享後付平台,與線上和線下零售商展開合作,幫助他們提高營業額及客單價,快速新增客戶留存及複購率。 目前,Atome業務覆蓋9個市場,包括新加坡、印度尼西亞、馬來西亞、越南、菲律賓、泰國、中國香港、中國台灣及在中國大陸地區的Atome微花,與5,000多家線上和線下品牌商達成合作,其中包括絲芙蘭、Agoda、ZALORA、SHEIN、Zara、Marks & Spencer、Charles & Keith、 Aldo和Pandora等。 Atome為消費者的購物和支付方式提供了更多選擇、便利和靈活性。 Atome跨境基於Atome優質用戶群體及ADVANCE.AI大數據科技推出,利用“先享後付BNPL”和聯合運營管道為品牌引流。 Atome是領創集團(Advance Intelligence Group)旗下先享後付平台,領創集團是新加坡最大的獨立科技創業企業之一。 集團成立於2016年,業務遍及南亞、東南亞、大中華區和拉丁美洲地區。 曾獲得頂級投資者軟銀願景基金2期(SoftBank Vision Fund 2)、華平投資(Warburg Pincus)、北極星資本(Northstar)、元璟資本(Vision Plus Capital)、高榕資本(Gaorong Capital)、新加坡蘭亭投資(Pavilion Capital)、金沙江創投(GSR Ventures)和新加坡經濟發展局投資(EDBI) 的投資。