[SG] Hero of Free Carmen gives away baby items, high-value clothes to help families in need

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Carmen had always been an avid user of Carousell and had been using her account (@carmenloveee) for six years, mainly for women’s fashion. Once she became a mother, she found that her kids would quickly outgrow their baby items, such as clothes and toys, and she listed them on Carousell. Likewise, she would also use Carousell to source for baby items.

Having spent her first 12 years in the hospitality trade, Carmen had a natural affinity and draw to people. She soon started to build a community of users who were also parents and were in need of baby items at lower prices. “I’ve seen so many users in need, one of the users I met was a single mom with three kids and I’m so happy to have been able to help with giving clothes. Many of the users I share with are also domestic workers in Singapore with children or nieces and nephews back in their hometown, and they are so happy to be able to ship these items back home,” said Carmen.

Inspired by the campaigns run by Carousell to nurture the spirit of giving such as #Choosetogive and #GiveforSG, Carmen started to give her preloved items away for free and has reached a huge number of followers. Besides baby items, Carmen had also given away high-value fashion items, such as Steve Madden, Charles and Keith, Love Bonito, inspiring more to give their fashion items away and pass on their good taste in clothes to someone else. Along with the encouraging responses she received and the new relationships she built, she also saw just how she can directly help people through giving.

“It is a lot of work to respond to all these queries instead of offloading items in bulk to a church or charity, but this way I can know that the items I share are reaching those who need it the most. I am blessed to be able to give. The greatest joy is knowing the item you’ve pre-loved is now with another owner who will continue to cherish it, thanks to Carousell,” said Carmen. 

Carmen was recognised for her efforts with the Heroes of Free award in the inaugural Caroupreneur Awards. View the list of other winners here.