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香港,2020年12月17日 — 隨著社交距離措施的收緊,香港網上購物更趨流行,電子商貿發展勢不可擋。全球規模最大及發展最快的分類交易平台之一Carousell,目前在香港的每月活躍用戶量與去年十一月相比增加超過百分之四十。平均每七個香港人就有一個是Carousell的用戶。








雖然大家減少了到實體店的時間,但仍傾向透過推薦和過往好評來選擇合適的服務供應商。幸運的是,商家可以透過網上平台提供客戶評價、照片和錄影等資料來建立信任和聲譽。今年八月,本地裝修平台好師傅成為了Carousell的合作夥伴,開始在平台上提供服務。好師傅聯合創辦人兼行政總裁Woody Tong表示:「好師傅在Carousell接觸到更多年輕用戶,而且能夠透過展示室內裝修設計照片、影片及用戶評論,展現出我們對裝修質素的執著,這不論對客戶體驗或是好師傅的品牌形象都有正面幫助。我們希望業主能使用好師傅所提供的一站式服務,簡化漫長而繁複的裝修過程,與Carousell致力成為便捷高效的一站式平台的目標非常契合。」


1 若非特別說明,以下數據比较均为2020年1月至11月

[ENGLISH VERSION] Boom in online commerce will continue in 2021, finds Carousell

Online consumer demographic changes, traditional offline services are sought-after in the digital world

Hong Kong, 17 Dec 2020 – Online commerce has strengthened its foothold in Hong Kong with the stricter social distancing. Today, Carousell, one of the world‘s largest and fastest growing classifieds,  grew  monthly active users by more than 40% since November last year, and more than 1 in 7 Hong Kongers use Carousell every month. 

Online consumer demographic is changing 

The 25-34 year-old demographic holds strong with the largest numerical growth by 4.5 fold1, continuing to be the main purchasing power on Carousell. It is interesting that the age group with the biggest percentage growth are shoppers aged above 45, growing almost sixfold over the past year. Electronics and Luxury remain in the top two most popular categories for the older age group this year, with Health & Beauty climbing four ranks to second place. These users are looking for variety, convenience and most importantly, better deals as they become more budget-conscious facing the continued uncertainties. 

The high penetration of smartphones in Hong Kong and the social distancing restrictions fostered the big take-off of mobile shopping among older consumers. This trend will likely continue in the post-pandemic world as digital platforms like Carousell have made the process easy and efficient, and users get accustomed to the convenience. 

Local consumers look for services that are typically available offline

Health & Beauty products were most sought-after by consumers when the pandemic first hit Hong Kong, growing by 54% in category active users compared to 2019. Electronics, Toys & Games, Home & Furniture, Women’s Fashion, as well as Luxury items are the most popular and resilient categories this year on Carousell, growing an average of 30% in category active users, withstanding market changes and fluctuations. 

The unprecedented event has prompted Hongkongers to further utilise online platforms by discovering and adopting services due to social distancing. Home services merchants, in particular, began to enhance their online presence to capture sales opportunities, and related categories on Carousell have seen organic growth this year, a two-fold YoY increase in the number of category active users. The top four service categories are Home Services, Electronics & Gadget Repairs, Beauty Services and Tuition. 

People who spend more time at home due to social distancing want to pursue a higher quality of living environment. The interest for Cleaning Services increased by over 110%, while Air Conditioning Services spiked by over 90%. Renovation and Electrical & Lighting services also spiked due to the pandemic with about 80% increase in active users.  The number of active users who are either looking for movers and relocators increased by 50% on Carousell in November. @millennialmovingcompany joined Carousell this year, and has since made more than 30% of total business through Carousell. “We tried different online platforms since the pandemic hit our business. However, they either don’t have a friendly user interface or cost a lot per lead. Carousell came recommended by a friend. The platform is easy to use and there are powerful tools to increase visibility for more leads. Within two months, we got about 130 leads,” said Mr Fong Pak Hay, co-founder, Millennial Moving Company.

While people have fewer opportunities to visit physical shops, the preference to choose the right service provider through referrals and track records do not change. Fortunately, merchants can still build trust and reputation only with customer reviews and visual portfolios. Local renovation service company CoDeco (@codeco) joined Carousell in August this year as a partner to list their services. “We reached a lot of younger customers through Carousell. Showcasing photo, video and reviews of our real renovation cases on the platform helps to boost our brand image and is also generally good for the user experience. Our mission is to free homeowners from the lengthy renovation process with one-stop services, and this is complementary with Carousell’s focus of providing a one-stop marketplace which is convenient and efficient.  “ said Woody Tong, co-founder and CEO, CoDeco. 

William Ip, Managing Director of Carousell said, “The pandemic has been the catalyst for people embracing digital tools for shopping. As consumers become more aware of how they would like to use online platforms, merchants must be tactical in managing their online business to stand out. Two learning points for 2021 stand out from the data. Firstly, industries that provide traditional offline services should seize the opportunity to make their services accessible online. We have seen more home services merchants on our platform this year to combat lower footfall, engage with a new and larger customer base at the virtual frontier and open up new revenue streams. Secondly, small businesses in resilient categories should go digital if they haven’t, as it can buffer potential loss from the physical outlets with diversified revenue streams from an always-open platform. ”

All data comparisons below refer to the period of Jan 2020 – Nov 2020