Carousell releases Bumps

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Bought two pieces of the same dress at H&M, looking to upgrade your laptop or trying to sell something in a jiffy? At Carousell, we are always looking for better ways to help our Carousellers find a new home for things they no longer need.

With over 65 million listings and 11 million product listing views/day globally as of 31 March 2017, we are constantly exploring ways to improve our search and discovery features, and help our sellers meet the right buyers.

We recently released Insights to help users sellers monitor their listing performance, but now we are releasing a key update to help our users in Singapore sell even faster – Carousell Bumps. This is one of the many product improvements we have lined up to offer our users an even better Carousell experience, so that they have more time and space to enjoy more meaningful experiences.

What is a Carousell Bump?

A Bump is a service on the Carousell marketplace that helps you make your product listing more visible, with the aim to help you sell it faster. A Bumped listing goes to the top of the marketplace, after which it will continue to move down as new items are listed (or Bumped). A 3-day Bump will move your listing to the top of the relevant category immediately on purchase, and then again in 24 hours, and then 24 hours after that. Prices for a 3-day Bump start from $2.98, and vary depending on the product category and marketplace demand.

Alternatively, Carousellers can also make use of a free Bump option. Free Bumps are available to listings at least a week old, and can be used once per week, per item. To qualify you simply lower the price by at least 10% when prompted.


Carousellers can check how their listings are performing via the improved Insights screen, where you can find out exactly how many times your listing has been viewed in the past week. If you’re getting the views but haven’t closed a deal yet, here are six tips on how to price preloved items effectively.

Bumps can be bought through in-app purchases with convenient payment via the App Store and Google Play Store.