Earth Day 2023: Sustainability-driven platform Carousell reveals inclination towards secondhand among older generation, with 112% growth in used item searches

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Hong Kong, 20 April 2023 – Carousell, leading multi-category platform for secondhand in Greater Southeast Asia, continues to champion for sustainable shopping. The platform saw a 112% growth in used-item searches among the older generation, namely the user group above 54 years old from 2021 to 2022. The increased openness towards secondhand purchases is a testament of Carousell’s success in leveraging its brand value as a sustainable shopping platform. To further understand the secondhand shopping behaviour of Hongkongers, Carousell has analysed the search data and purchase categories of individual age groups in 2022. 

Older generations lead the growth in secondhand shopping 

The search for used items among all age groups has increased by over 20% from 2021-2022, proving that there is a gradual societal shift towards sustainable shopping. The inclination towards secondhand products was more prominent among the above 54 and 45-54 age groups, with the number of searches surging by 112% and 65% in 2022 respectively. This significant growth indicates that the sustainable shopping trend has expanded to the older age groups, and using preloved items is no longer taboo for them. 

Secondhand shopping preferences of different age groups in 2022

 “Toys and Games” and “Bags and Wallets” were among the top two secondhand search categories for every age group below 45 years old, whereas “Music and Media” was the top category for age groups above 45 years old, showcasing the diversity in interests at different life stages. It is encouraging to see that shoppers continue to search for secondhand options to satisfy their hobbies, despite the easing of social distancing measures and the increased availability of entertainment choices. 

In terms of the keywords, “SHF” (SH Figuarts), “Chanel” and “Lego” were most frequently searched by local shoppers. As popular toys “SHF” and “Lego” top the list, it shows that apart from shopping, Carousell also provides enthusiasts the joy of interacting with like-minded people when exchanging collectibles.  

“Carousell is committed to inspire every person to start selling, and make buying secondhand items their first choice. We are delighted to see more Hongkongers choosing to resell preloved items and being open to buying secondhand items,” says Ivan Chung, Market Representative, Carousell Hong Kong. “Carousell will continue to nurture an environmentally-conscious community by encouraging both buyers and sellers to join the sustainable revolution. We recognise the success of sellers through our annual CarouBiz awards, and at the same time leverage the latest phase of Consumption Voucher Scheme to encourage sustainable shopping among buyers by encouraging them to choose sellers that are nearby, which helps to cut down on unnecessary travelling and delivery, and thereby reducing users’ carbon footprint.”

CarouBiz merchants encourage shoppers to invest in our planet 

Mr Li Chun Yu from @wingscomputer promotes sustainable shopping through giving a new lease of life for used electronic products.

For the third year in a row, Carousell will be presenting their CarouBiz Awards to recognize the success of outstanding CarouBiz merchants. This year, Carousell will offer a total of 164 awards to 149 merchants in the upcoming award ceremony in mid-May, including merchants who actively advocate sustainable spending. 

Mr Li Chun Yu, who sells refurbished electronics on @wingscomputer, promotes sustainable shopping by giving a new lease of life to used electronic products. He said, “Nowadays, the product cycle of electronics has become shorter, and less people consider reusing gadgets. By offering a 3-month warranty, we hope to reduce the friction in secondhand transactions.” 

Make use of Carousell search filter to spend your consumption voucher

With the fresh round of vouchers issued this month, Carousell has curated a selection of merchants that offer products from secondhand photography equipment to luxury items who will be accepting CVS payments. Through offering environmentally friendly transaction options, Carousell hopes to encourage more consumers to choose sustainable shopping. The search filters on the platform allow buyers to transact with sellers that are nearby to cut down on unnecessary transportation and reduce their carbon footprint.

Carousell merchants that accept Consumption Vouchers as payment are easily identifiable with their CVS badges. To search for your desired goods, visit here: .

About Carousell

Carousell is part of Carousell Group, the leading multi-category platform for secondhand in Greater Southeast Asia on a mission to inspire the world to start selling, and to make secondhand the first choice. Founded in August 2012 in Singapore, the Group has a leading presence in seven markets under the brands Carousell, Cho Tot, Laku6,, OneShift, Ox Luxe, Ox Street, and Refash, serving tens of millions of monthly active users. Carousell is backed by leading investors including Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Naver, STIC Investments and Sequoia Capital India.  In Hong Kong, Carousell has a diverse range of products in over 30 categories, including property, autos, electronics, home and furniture, and fashion. Download the app for iOS or Android, and visit for more information.

世界地球日 2023: 可持續買賣平台 Carousell 揭示年長一族支持二手買賣

Carousell表揚傑出CarouBiz 商戶,並提供環保交易選項,持續推動可持續消費

香港,2023年4月20日 — 東南亞、台灣及香港領先多品類買賣平台 Carousell持續推動可持續消費。於2021至2022年期間,54 歲以上用戶的二手商品搜尋次數大幅上升112%,證明用戶越趨接受二手購物,成功將Carousell品牌定位為可持續買賣平台。為進一步了解港人的二手購物行為,Carousell分析了2022 年各個年齡層的搜索數據和購物類別偏好。


2021 年至2022 年,所有年齡組別的二手商品搜索次數均上升超過20%,可見社會逐漸轉向可持續購物模式。當中,54歲以上及45-54 歲用戶對二手商品的偏好更為明顯,二手商品搜尋次數於2022分別較前一年大幅上升112% 65% ,顯示年長一族亦開始實踐可持續購物模式,不再把二手商品視為忌諱。


處於不同人生階段的用戶對二手商品各有偏好,45 歲以下用戶最常搜尋的兩大二手商品類別是玩具及遊戲手袋及銀包,而45歲以上用戶則最常搜尋音樂、樂器及配件產品。隨著社交距離措施放寬,娛樂選擇越來越多,Carousell樂見用戶依然選擇購買二手商品來滿足自己的愛好。

「SHF」(SH Figuarts)、「Chanel」和「Lego」是香港用戶最常搜尋的關鍵字。熱門玩具「SHF」「Lego」均位列榜首,可見Carousell 不只是購物平台,用戶更能與志同道合的人交換收藏品,分享樂趣。

Carousell 香港市場代表鍾景竣先生表示:「Carousell 致力鼓勵每個人開始出售物品,並把二手商品視為購物首選,很高興看到越來越多香港人選擇出售二手物品,亦願意購買二手物品。我們會繼續鼓勵買家及賣家加入可持續行列,構建具環保意識的社群。Carousell將以年度CarouBiz獎項表揚成功的賣家,適逢最新一期消費券計劃,我們亦向買家繼續推廣可持續消費,鼓勵買家與附近的賣家交易,減少多餘交通出行及派件服務需求, 以減少碳足跡。」

CarouBiz 商戶鼓勵用戶「投資地球」

Carousell 將連續第三年頒發CarouBiz 獎項,表揚出色的 CarouBiz 商戶。今年,Carousell將於五月中旬舉行頒獎禮,向149個商戶頒發合共164個獎項,當中不乏積極推廣可持續消費的商戶。


適逢新一期消費券計劃  Carousell再次鼓勵用戶減少碳足跡

有見新一期消費券已於本月發放,Carousell特意挑選了一系列接受消費券付款的精選商戶,提供各式商品,包括二手攝影器材和奢侈品。Carousell希望通過環保交易方案,鼓勵更多消費者選擇可持續消費。平台具備篩選及排序功能,買家可選擇與附近的賣家交易,減少多餘交通出行及派件服務需求, 以減少碳足跡。



Carousell旋轉拍賣是東南亞、台灣及香港領先多品類買賣集團Carousell Group旋轉拍賣集團的一部分。集團的使命是鼓勵全球開始銷售二手商品,並使二手商品成為購物首選。該集團於2012年8月在新加坡成立,以Carousell 旋轉拍賣、Cho Tot、Laku6、、OneShift、Ox Luxe、Ox Street 和 Refash, 品牌在七大市場中處於領先地位, 每月為數千萬活躍用戶提供服務。Carousell獲得了主要投資者的支持,包括Telenor Group、Rakuten Ventures、Naver、STIC Investments和Sequoia Capital India。在香港,Carousell旋轉拍賣商品分類多元化,共有超過30種分類包括樓盤、汽車、電子產品、流行時尚及傢俬及家品等。免費下載 iOS 或 Android 版本,及瀏覽網頁 獲取更多資料。