Hong Kong toy figurine seller wins Carousell’s top regional entrepreneurship award

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  • The Caroupreneur Awards celebrates entrepreneurship and recognises outstanding success of 182 users across key markets, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore
  • Carousell’s first-ever entrepreneurship program #StartonCarousell is launched to help aspiring Gen Z entrepreneurs bring their business to life

Hong Kong, 1 Sep 2022 – Leading recommerce group in Greater Southeast Asia Carousell, is pleased to recognise 182 users in three key markets, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore, for their outstanding achievements throughout 2021 at the Second Caroupreneur Awards. The Awards celebrates a wide variety of outstanding achievements of Carousell users, ranging from entrepreneurs who started their businesses on Carousell and SMEs who digitialised their businesses to everyday casual users who sold and gave away good quality preloved items for free.

The awards expanded regionally this year to include users from Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore, with a mix of both local and regional awards. Hong Kong had 12 local award categories and its users came up tops in both regional awards: Regional Caroupreneur of the Year award 2021 and the Regional Most Meaningful User Story of the Year award. 

Supporting local entrepreneurship during the pandemic

Joey Lam from @shop.with.him

Toy figurine seller Joey Lam (@shop.with.him), who clinched the Regional Caroupreneur of the Year 2021 award, as well as Hong Kong’s Caroupreneur of the Year 2021 and Best in Carousell: Toys and Games awards, stood out for his high reviews and ratings record as well as creativity and quality in curating his Carousell store. Mr Lam said, “I have been working in the Toys & Games industry for many years, and it has become a hobby of mine to collect toy figurines. I listed my first item to sell on Carousell more than two years ago and it was sold very quickly, so I decided to start my own business on Carousell. All my customers come from Carousell, and I have customers in Taiwan, Singapore and the US who found me via Carousell. One of my regular customer is based in the Philippines and buys from me every month.” His tip for aspiring ‘caroupreneurs’ is to ensure the listing titles are very clear with keywords to help customers search for products easily. 

Terrance from @orange_store729 with his father

The difficulties of running a business during the pandemic resonated with Hong Kong users, as Mr. Terrance Tse’s (@orange_store729) story on how he had to find a platform to move his business online. The winner of the Regional Most Meaningful User Story of the Year award, which was selected by the most number of votes, said, “Thankfully we found out about Carousell, and not only was I able to continue running my business during the pandemic and restrictions, I was also able to increase business volume by 70%. I am thankful for the support of my customers.”

Tom Cheung from @repairshop4u

Winner of Best in Carousell – Home Services award Mr Tom Cheung (@repairshop4u) also received the CarouBiz Award 2021-2022 (Home Services category) earlier in April. They provide various services, such as renovation, moving & delivery, home & electric repairs, as well as selling furniture with installation services. Mr Cheung said, “We are very encouraged by the awards and all the reviews by our customers. We have been in this business for 2 years, and focus on understanding our customers’ needs to build long-term relationships, and gain their trust for word-of-mouth referrals. We started listing our services on Carousell to increase our reach, and discovered that we were able to reach out to more potential buyers at low cost on Carousell.” 

All Carousell accounts created before 1 July 2021 in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore were automatically included in the assessment. The judging panel, made up of Carousell co-founders and senior executives, assessed shortlisted sellers identified from their performance from 1 January to 31 December 2021 together with a mix of qualitative and quantitative criteria, such as quality of listings, reviews, creativity and brand story. 

Nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs 

Managing Director of Carousell Hong Kong Kevin Huang said, “All our winners and finalists have shown how they are able to use Carousell to find success in various ways, be it as a small business or an individual giving away free items in good working conditions. It is an encouragement that Carousell is more than just a transactional platform, but one where you can find shared possibilities and achieve your aspirations. Carousell is honored to celebrate 10 years of supporting entrepreneurs this year, by recognising the best of Carousell sellers and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. Hong Kong is long known for its enterprising culture, and we hope these initiatives will continue to fan the flame of Hong Kong’s entrepreneurship and economic growth.”

Launched earlier in August, #StartonCarousell is Carousell’s first-ever entrepreneurship program catered to Gen Z (18-24 year-olds) across key markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their business to life. Inspired by the real stories from Carousellers and their aspiration for financial freedom, this program aims to provide the tools they need to get started, such as training by the Carousell team to use our tools to amplify their business, and guidance by established mentors through a panel discussion and coffee chats with selected entrepreneurs. Interested applicants can sign up by 7 September here

For the full list of the Second Caroupreneur Award winners, please visit here.

Carousell 主辦第二屆Caroupreneur Awards鼓勵創業精神 

 首設兩個亞太區創業大獎 由香港代表贏得


同步推出首個Z世代創業計劃 #StartonCarousell助有志創業的年輕人實現理想

香港,2022年9月1日 – 大東南亞區領先分類買賣平台Carousell即將舉辦第二屆Caroupreneur Awards 頒獎典禮,向182位來自香港、菲律賓及新加坡三個主要市場的用戶頒發獎項,表揚各用戶在2021年的傑出成就。此獎項囊括不同類型的Carousell用戶,包括在平台創業的營商人士、成功將線下業務數碼轉型的中小企,以至免費贈送優質二手用品的日常用戶。

Caroupreneur Awards 今年擴大至香港、菲律賓及新加坡三個亞太區主要市場的用戶,並頒發區域及地區獎項。香港共頒發12個本地獎項,其中兩位本地用戶更獲得區域獎項,包括「亞太區2021年度Caroupreneur大獎」「Carousell亞太區最有意義用戶故事獎」


玩具模型商戶Joey Lam (@shop.with.him ) 透過其創意悉心打理Carousell商店,一直獲得卓越的用戶評分及評論,因而獲得「亞太區2021年度Caroupreneur大獎」、「香港2021年度Caroupreneur大獎」及「香港Carousell最佳商戶:玩具及遊戲類別」。林先生表示:「我在玩具及遊戲行業工作多年,收藏玩具模型已成個人興趣。兩年前我首次把商品上載至Carousell,出售速度相當快,繼而決定開展在Carousell的業務。目前我所有的客戶都是來自Carousell,亦有來自台灣、新加坡、美國的買家透過此平台找到我的商店,其中一個來自菲律賓的長期客戶更會每個月定期購入玩具。」若有志成為「Caroupreneur」,林先生認為用戶需確保商品標題清晰,配合關鍵詞,助顧客更輕鬆搜索產品。

疫情期間,企業經營面臨挑戰,香港商戶Terrance Tse(@orange_store729)最終決定將實體店業務轉移到線上。故事引起不少港人共鳴,因此以最高票數贏得「Carousell亞太區最有意義用戶故事獎」。謝先生表示:「我很慶幸找到Carousell,讓我在疫情下繼續營業,營業額增長更高達七成。我十分感謝客戶一直以來的支持。」

Tom Cheung(@repairshop4u )今年四月曾獲頒2021-2022年度旋轉商店獎(家居服務類別),今次再獲選為「Carousell最佳商戶:家居服務類別」。張先生的商店提供各種服務,包括裝修、搬屋及送貨、家居及電器維修,更會出售傢俬並提供安裝服務。 張先生表示:「我們十分鼓舞能夠獲獎,並在平台得到每個客戶的正面評論。我們經營業務已有兩年,一直專注了解客戶需要,希望通過口碑贏得客戶信任,建立長期關係。使用Carousell的最初目標是希望擴大客戶群,後來發現Carousell能讓我們以低成本接觸到更多潛在買家。」

第二屆Caroupreneur Awards將自動納入在2021 年 7 月 1 日前於香港、菲律賓或新加坡市場註冊的Carousell賬戶為入圍賣家。評審團由 Carousell 聯合創辦人和管理層組成,按照商品質素、用戶評論、創意、品牌故事等準則,評估入圍賣家在2021 年 1 月 1 日至 12 月 31 日期間的業務表現。


Carousell 香港董事總經理黃俊仁表示:「是次入圍及得獎用戶的故事,不論是中小企業,還是免費送贈舊物的個人用戶,均展現Carousell能幫助不同範疇的用戶取得成功。我們樂見Carousell不但是個網上銷售平台,更能讓用戶共享同贏,實踐創業抱負。Carousell過去十年持續支援商戶,今年相當榮幸能透過獎項,表揚表現突出的賣家,同時培育新一代企業人才。我們希望透過這些活動,繼續推動香港人的創業精神,延續本地經濟增長。」

Carousell在8月已推出平台首個Z世代創業計劃 #StartonCarousell,涵蓋香港、新加坡、菲律賓、馬來西亞及印尼市場,幫助有志創業的18至24歲年輕人實現理想。Carousell透過用戶的分享,了解到年輕人希望能財政獨立,因此推出是次計劃,為年輕人提供創業所需的工具。活動中,Carousell 團隊會提供相關培訓,助新一代運用Carousell功能擴展業務;入圍的創業人士亦可與知名導師聊天及進行小組討論。有興趣人士可在 9 月 7 日之前註冊

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