Sell old before buying new: Carousell asks Computer Festival goers to give their old electronics a new life 

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Carousell, the leading recommerce group in Greater Southeast Asia, is returning to the Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2022 (Computer Festival) from 19 to 22 August 2022 with another catchy message that goes against the tide of asking festival goers to buy more new gadgets. As a physical demonstration of the theme “Give your old electronics a new life”, Carousell presents “eTree”, an eye-catching, sustainable installation standing at 2 metres tall, encouraging festival-goers to buy new electronic items only after selling their old ones. 

Inspiring festival-goers to think and act sustainably 

Visitors of the Computer Festival are commonly looking for new product items to replace their older gadgets at home. Instead of discarding the old items or leaving the gadgets to sit idle at home, Carousell hopes to encourage a different attitude towards electronics and advocate the “sell old before buying new” idea. 

By showcasing a unique installation made out of second-hand electronics items by Carousell users, such as old laptops, monitors, tablets and keyboards, Carousell hopes to capture visitors’ attention and remind them that as they purchase new ones at the festival, their old personal electronics could be given a new life. The installation also lists out the average selling prices of secondhand electronics as well as key facts about e-waste, highlighting how saving the earth and reducing carbon footprint also has win-win benefits to help users save money and reduce costs in upgrading to the latest model. The displayed electronics will then be donated to a local charity that refurbishes old electronics for their beneficiaries’ use after the installation’s run. 

The installation also has two meet-up spots to make it convenient for users to meet up and transact at the festival. To make it even easier for users to sell their items and encourage more to do so, Zeek has continued to provide affordable delivery services during the period, including on-site delivery arrangements at the Festival. Carousell users who have utilised Zeek’s services can visit Zeek’s festival booth for a special gift. 

In the lead-up to the festival, local influencer and magician Miss Hunny has sold her Transcend StoreJet portable hard drive on her Carousell account (@magicmisshunny) to encourage others to sell their old electronics. The buyer of the item will meet her at Carousell’s festival booth on 20 August to carry out the transaction. 

List anytime, anywhere on your personal ‘electronics mall’

Every quarter, Carousell sees about 2 million new listings in its electronics category, making it one of the largest platforms to transact used electronics, and particularly mobile phones, in the Greater Southeast Asia region. Riding off these successes, Carousell joins the citywide electronics event once again to remind visitors to make use of the ‘electronics mall’ they have available right at their fingertips — this time to sell.  

“Sustainability is always at the core of Carousell’s vision, and we have been working to make secondhand transactions as convenient as buying and selling brand new items. This year, we return to the Computer Festival and offer an opportunity for electronics buyers to find new homes for old computers and gadgets in a sustainable way, using one of the largest electronics marketplaces that is right in the palm of their hands. By encouraging consumers to practice sustainable trading online, we also hope to introduce new sellers into our progressive ecosystem, raising even more awareness for the sustainable use of electronics,” said Kevin Huang, Managing Director of Carousell Hong Kong. Carousell’s online marketplace is ready to inspire more sustainable attitudes towards electronics. Visit their booth and installation to learn more about the ‘Snap, List, Sell’ transaction process at booths B27-B29, located opposite the Esports Experience Zone at the Computer Festival.