[HK] Limited-edition music albums find new home with a fellow music collector 珍藏絕版廣東唱片,與知音人分享

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Alden (@aldenlws) 十分熱愛廣東歌,熱衷收藏唔同嘅影音產品。多年嚟佢有珍藏大量珍貴廣東音樂作品,例如限量版光碟、明星簽名海報、甚至黑膠唱片都有!每次購入產品之後,Alden 都會將佢放喺屋企專門用作收藏嘅房間,而且甚少打開包裝,所以全部影音產品都保存得好好。由於數量越來越多,Alden 認為係時候讓出一部份珍藏騰出空間,所以喺 Carousell 賣出經典廣東歌唱片比知音人。結果好多買家都話冇諗過咁多年後仲可以買到絕版產品,盛讚Alden 竟然可以將咁有歷史價值嘅音樂作品保存得咁好。


English translation

Alden (@aldenlws) is a big fan of Cantopop and has great interest in collecting different music products. He buys everything, such as phonograph vinyl albums, compact discs, photographs, posters, limited edition items and memorabilia of superstars from yesteryear. Each time he makes a purchase, he will store it in a spare room and would not open it most of the time. After 25 years of collection, the music and video products as well as memorabilia have piled up. Thinking that it is time to make more room, he decided to sell off some of these treasures on Carousell and only keep the rare and hard-to-find ones for his private collection. When some buyers found the discs and albums on Carousell, they were very shocked that the vintage products are in such good condition. They found it difficult to believe how those rare pieces managed to resurface for public sale after three decades. Alden said, “It is a great sensational feeling to be able to own something and keep in good condition for years, and then sell it to someone who has been waiting and looking to buy this treasure for years! ”

過去幾個月,我哋大家都經歷咗好多事,但我哋每個 Carouseller 都努力好好過生活 – 由研發新技能,以至搵到好物。#MakingTheBest,你都一樣做得到!🙌